Commercial Real Estate properties that utilize professional photography in their marketing materials will stand out much more than those that don’t. We can help your real estate business achieve greater exposure through our professional photography services. Our services include:

The Challenge

Most are familiar with the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This basically means that a picture can tell a story just as well (or better) than a thousand words of text. In today’s fast paced world, the reality is that most people do not like to read a great deal of text online or in print media.

If you’re talking about online users, studies prove that they will take an action within 5 seconds of landing on a web page. This obviously doesn’t provide a whole lot of time to tell them a story.

Below are two separate local online business listings that were displayed after conducting a keyword search for “tailors”. Which one is most intriguing? Which business would you click on first?

The Solution

What’s the solution? It’s actually quite simple… incorporate high quality, professional photography on your web site or in print media. Doing so will improve the odds that users will contact you first before they reach out to your competitor.

Yes, in fact studies have proven that this is exactly how a majority of online users make online selections. Incorporating high quality photography of your business, products or services will also make you look more professional.

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