Aerial / Drone Photography

Our Aerial / Drone Photography services are the ideal way to capture your home or business from multiple vantage points. Aerial views make it much easier for potential buyers, clients or visitors to view

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Why Consider Aerial Photography for Your Real Estate listings?
There are many situations where photographs of the front of a home (or business) just doesn’t tell the entire story. An example below shows a typical front view of a home that could have been greatly enhanced through the use of aerial photography.

The image on the left is a typical real estate photograph shot on a tripod, about 5 feet off the ground. The camera is looking up at the home. The photo on the right is an aerial shot about 10 feet higher. You can see that the angles and perspectives are much more realistic.

Ground Photo vs Aerial Photo


In addition, an aerial photograph of this same home shows exactly what was missing from the front exterior photograph.

aerial / drone photography


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